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we're on Team Horse!
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Fantastic, you've found us! Your 'Team Horse' Bit experts and go-to-guys if you're looking to buy Horse Bits, Stirrup Irons, Spurs and our extremely popular  Equestrian Eventing Watches. 

With a comprehensive range of horse Bits available in bigger sizes, ranging from 4" to a huge 6.5" and bigger as required, you can count on our on-call horse Bit experts to help you make the best Bit choice for your horse.

You may notice something interesting about the Bits we sell -
we proudly do not offer old-school single-joint snaffle Bits.
Find out more about how we're for Team Horse at the bottom of the page.

Get excellent products 
and expert Biting advice.

Making horses more comfortable,
one Bit at a time;
we're on Team Horse!

​We're on Team Horse,

are you?