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The Right Bit

We make it easy to choose a suitable strength Bit for your horse's level of training
and way of going, that also encourages your horse to perform at his best.
"It can be easier than you think to choose the right Bit for your horse"
You may be looking for more control while jumping; more finesse in dressage; or the ideal Bit to begin your horse's training. If you are having problems with your horse head-shaking; opening his mouth; leaning against the Bit; avoiding the contact; or you're losing control, we have a Bit to help you.

All you need to do is decide on your required result, then our handy free guide (below) will help you to work out which is the best Bit for your horse, using the three basic fundamentals of horse Bitting:
  • cheek pieces
  • mouth style
  • material
We cover how they each play a role, and when you select the right components, how you can help improve your horse.

For fast, free and incredibly valuable information you can use right away,  sign up to access our free 'Horse Bits 101' Guide now:
This guide is incredibly useful, and anyone can use it to help with their own horse.  

If you're at the early stages of training; are 'new to the game'; wondering what bit is right for your horse; or which Bit does what, our Bit experts take the guess work out of it for you. Contact us directly  so we can help you select the most suitable Bit for your horse and chosen discipline.

We even make custom horse Bits or can reproduce a favourite old Bit that you can't find anywhere else, contact us to discuss your requirements, we would love to help you out.

Get your shiny stuff here from Bits Stirrups and Spurs, your horse Bit experts.

Stuff That's Good to Know​

Bit Tip:

The term 'Solid' in Bit descriptions refers to the metal being solid (vs hollow); 'jointed' refers to a join between two parts. 


We do have a BIG range of options to choose from - all current available size, style and metal options for our range of Bits, stirrups and spurs are listed here on the website. Browse through our products to see what options we have to suit your needs. 

Custom Products:

We can make Bits to your specifications, so if you need something made that you can't find elsewhere, or have a idea of Bit that may suit your horse, contact us to discuss your needs.
Shipping & Delivery:
Products are normally shipped/posted out within 24 hours of your order being placed unless they are having to be made or still in production
Please ask about availablity before orders
Postage starts as little as $5.00 for a tracked urban parcel
Products can also be sent to Australia with payment being able to be made to a NAB Bank Account or PayPal/Credit Cards
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First Contact Horse Bits


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