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  • The bit your horse would choose :) Top sellers with fantastic feedback More styles to be listed
  • All Types of Loose Ring Bits from Standard to Gags and beyond. Check them out.....
  • Try our New Copper Bits, now available in more sizes. Your horse or pony will love them.....
  • The classic Eggbutt Bits but now with lozenge links and copper rollers. Keep your horse or pony int
  • Want the best steering Bits available.... Try one of out top selling Full Cheek Bits now You'll ne
  • Check out our Pelham Bits. We have a wide range available. Other mouth styles can be made and/or
  • Check out our wide selection of Gag and Elevator Bits. If you are wanting some more control or are
  • Black Steel which is also called Sweet Iron Bits has a coating which encourages horses to salivate a
  • Kimblewick - can also be known as a Kimbawick. Try our most popular Double Jointed Kimblewick, you
  • Try one of our many double Jointed Bits. These plenty to choose from for all riding disciplines.
  • Try one of our Training Bits to help your young horse or pony in the best way possible. And to make
  • The classic Dee Ring Bit available in double jointed lozenge link. Currently only available in Unic
  • Titanium coated bits that provide horse comfort and softness between horse and rider, while looking
  • When in need for a driving Bit, please get in touch and we will see what we can source. Plenty of s
  • If in need or a Mullen Mouth Bit, we have a couple available but able to source and/or get made all
  • Try one of our western Bits whether it be for showing or training we have something to help. Please
  • Wanting to go Bitless, try our standard Hackamore Bit. We have had awesome feedback with this Bit.
  • Currently only one available. But will be adding more very soon. Keep tuned in....
  • More options of Weymouth Bits arriving soon. Keep tuned in....
  • Complete range of stirrup irons, for GP, jumping and dressage. Available in stainless steel, alumin
  • Try our Western Spurs and Leathers. We are able to source other styles, please just ask and we will
  • We have Spurs for all your needs whether it be for a gentle reminder or for slightly more encouragem
  • A must-have for any event rider striving for optimum time. Suitable for training at home, in or ar
  • All the accessories you will need... Bit Rounding, Curb Chains and Spur Leathers. More options and