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Hanging Cheek Snaffle (Baucher) with Double Jointed Mouth in German Silver

Hanging Cheek Snaffle (Baucher) with Double Jointed Mouth in German Silver
NZ$ 94.90
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Hanging snaffle (baucher) bit
Stainless Steel, with double jointed with GERMAN SILVER mouth piece - German Silver is similar to Copper but with an even better taste and cooling properties

Mouth Thickness 14mm

Available in sizes:

> 5"
> 5.5"

The hanging cheek or baucher snaffle is a very popular style bit and is dressage legal.

It uses pressure on the poll as the cheek piece has an extra ring above the snaffle ring where the bridle cheek pieces are attached to, this poll pressure encourages the horse to lower the head and come on to the bit especially useful for horses that have a high head carriage.

This cheek has proven one of the most popular cheeks with various mouthpieces. It is a fixed cheek bit, similar to an eggbutt cheek, which may be useful for horses that are unsure of the bit, or working forwards into a contact, as it doesn't move around too much in the mouth (as opposed to a loose ring).

It may prove a suitable alternative to a standard snaffle, for children riding ponies that need an extra bit of help to stop, or horses that are slightly too strong in a snaffle.

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