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'Ultimate Contact' Comfort Snaffle - Full Cheek (Fulmer) in Blue Steel

'Ultimate Contact' Comfort Snaffle - Full Cheek (Fulmer) in Blue Steel
NZ$ 139.90
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NEW STYLE JUST IN - The ultimate Contact now in BLUE STEEL - Sweet Iron with COPPER INLAY ROLLER

'Ultimate Contact' Comfort Snaffle – Full Cheek style

Stainless steel full cheek snaffle bit with wide barrel and copper inlays.

Stainless steel (Top quality 304 Stainless)

Full cheek style, with copper inlay & shaped 'Comfort' mouth piece

Ring size: 60mm Cheek length: 150mm

> Blue Steel - Sweet Iron will help with your horses salivation and the copper will help to warm their mouth so as to make your horse even more responsive.....

>Full Cheek: the main purpose of this bit is to exert lateral (sideways) pressure on the horse’s mouth. When one side of the bit is pulled to turn, the opposite side also presses against a broad section of the lips and cheeks to assist the aid. Along with helping with turning, the full cheek can sometimes help correct horses who tip their heads trying to evade direct rein pressure, and help prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth of a horse that opens it's mouth while being ridden.

>It is a fixed cheek bit, similar to an eggbutt cheek, which may be useful for horses that are unsure of the bit, or working forwards into a contact, as it doesn't move around too much in the mouth (as opposed to a loose ring).

> Dressage legal

> Curved mouthpiece offers a higher degree of horse comfort as it allows more room for tongue and helps to avoid pinching of lips and bars by collapsing to form a softer “U” instead of an old-style “V” (reduces 'nutcracker' action). Helps eliminate head tossing; encourages horse to accept the contact and work forwards into bridle.

> Clearer communication between horse and rifer: Independent side arm movement means each side of the bit is able to move independently of the other. When you lift one rein, only one side of the bit moves, giving the horse a very clear signal. Provides excellent shoulder control as well as lateral flexion.