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Stainless Steel Corrugated Low port Pelham bit

Stainless Steel Corrugated Low port Pelham bit
NZ$ 115.31
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Stainless Steel Pelham bit, low port mouth (also called a Hartwell or Cambridge), corrugated mouthpiece, with hooks and curb chain Mouth thickness.

14mm Cheek length :122mm Mouth size 4-1/2" - other sizes available, please ask >Pelhams provide benefits of a double bridle without the complexity of needing two bits >Can be used with two sets of reins so rider may have both a snaffle & a curb rein, or with single set of reins when used in conjunction with ’roundings,’ which is a typical arrangement for children’s ponies.

The bit can also be used with a single rein set, either at the snaffle ring or the curb ring, depending on the desired action >Ported mouth Pelham is shaped like a typical curb or Weymouth bit, in that the middle section is curved upwards to allow more room for the tongue, hence putting more pressure on the bars.

This makes it a more effective bit when curb action is required, although the snaffle action is more severe and not very laterally independent.

>Corrugated mouth intensifies severity of bit, for use on a strong horse