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Stainless Steel Pelham Rubber Mullen Mouth

Stainless Steel Pelham Rubber Mullen Mouth
NZ$ 119.90
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Stainless Steel Pelham Bit, with solid rubber mullen mouth, hooks & curb chain

Mouth thickness: 20mm - Cheek length : 6" 

Other sizes available, please ask - they can be made and will take about 4 weeks to arrive

Pelhams provide benefits of a double bridle without the complexity of needing two Bits.

Can be used with two sets of reins so rider may have both a snaffle & a curb rein, or with single set of reins when used in conjunction with ’roundings,’ which is a typical arrangement for children’s ponies.

The Bit can also be used with a single rein set, either at the snaffle ring or the curb ring, depending on the desired action

 Mullen (straight mouthpiece) Pelhams distribute rein pressure more evenly over the tongue, and because of that, less on the bars.

This is a fairly mild form of Pelham, especially for a horse that might be overly sensitive in the bars.

Rubber mouthpieces are warmer on the bars of the mouth and the tongue and some horses prefer the softer feel they give.

Rubber mouth pieces do tend to be quick thick though, and a Bit of a 'mouthful' for young or small-mouthed horses.