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Beval Double Jointed Lozenge Link Snaffle Bit

Beval Double Jointed Lozenge Link Snaffle Bit
NZ$ 79.90
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Beval snaffle Bit.

Stainless Steel rings, with double jointed mouth (broken mouth), with lozenge style link.

The Beval Bit is a modified loose-ring snaffle bit that allows the rider to apply a moderate degree of leverage with the reins and has 2 strength options.

A relatively new Bit design, the Beval snaffle, is sometimes called a "Wonder Bit”.

It uses the idea of a three-ring gag, but minimizes the leverage, making it a great intermediate Bit.

This Bit can be a good option for horses that object to the leverage of a three-ring gag type Bit, but need a touch more braking power than a regular snaffle offers.

Two leverage options: choose to set reins at middle of ring for less leverage, or at fixed point on bottom of ring for more leverage.

When used with a double jointed mouthpiece, the mouthpiece offers a higher level of comfort for the horse's mouth, as it helps to reduce pinching of the lips and bars and any unwelcome 'nutcracker' action.