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*NEW* Stainless Steel Lozenge Link Jumper Bit

*NEW* Stainless Steel Lozenge Link Jumper Bit
NZ$ 79.90
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Stainless Steel Lozenge Link double jointed Jumping Bit

Mouth thickness: 14mm - Cheek length: 6" Mouth sizes available: 

A handy bit in that it helps provide poll action with the ability to lift the head.

Ideal for show jumping where you need to get your horses hocks underneath them to jump, with the addition of stronger breaks when you need them.

The double jointed mouth piece (broken mouth) allows the bit to conform better to the shape of the horse's mouth, for better comfort.

This is a curb style bit, creating poll pressure in conjunction with a leverage effect when reins are used on the lower rings, providing extra breaking power.

You can choose to set reins on middle ring or lower ring, similar to a Dutch gag style bit, depending on how much strength you need, however the curve to the shank is kinder-acting than a bit with straight shanks.

A very useful & popular bit, many jumpers swear by them!

Western riders also love this as a great training bit.

Thanks for checking out another quality 'Bits, Stirrups and Spurs' product.

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