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Copper Link Lolly Lozenge Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

Copper Link Lolly Lozenge Loose Ring Snaffle Bit
NZ$ 79.90
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*NEW* Copper link Lolly lozenge snaffle Bit Stainless Steel loose rings Broken mouth with new design Lolly-lozenge copper link

Ring size: 6 X 75mm

Mouth thickness: 18mm

The latest in soft training-bit design.

The all new 'Lolly' lozenge is specially designed to give your horse something to 'play' with, thus keeping him soft through the jaw and responsive to the aids.

Its is ideal for a horse that may go rigid or hard through the jaw or neck while being ridden.

The copper Lolly link is a 'warmer', sweeter metal, and encourages salivation and more acceptance of a Bit contact.

The key benefit to this latest in training bits is the smooth rounded shape of the Lolly lozenge link.

Coupled with being made from sweet copper, this a bit that is generally more accepted by the horse.

The double broken mouth offers a higher level of conforming to the shape of your horse's mouth, reducing any nutcracker action and proving more comfort for your horse while being ridden.

When horse is in a good consistent contact with the rider’s hands, the loose ring cheeks are steady and still, as the weight of the contact holds everything in place.

It is easier for the rider to give quickly & shift the mouthpiece if the horse is tending to lean or get a little rigid.

Great training bit Thanks for checking out another quality 'Bits, Stirrups and Spurs' product.

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