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Quarter Moon Copper Link Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

Quarter Moon Copper Link Loose Ring Snaffle Bit
NZ$ 69.90
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*NEW* Quarter Moon Copper Link Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Stainless Steel loose rings Broken mouth with quarter moon shaped copper link

Ring size: 6 X 75mm - Mouth thickness: 18mm 

The Quarter Moon works like a ported three piece mouthpiece to lay softly across the horse's mouth and relieve pressure on the tongue and palate.

It allows extra relief for the tongue, which can lead to less tension and better acceptance of the Bit.

Ideal for horses with thicker tongues.

The copper in the quarter moon shaped link will also increase salivation, leading to swallowing and chewing which can further relax the jaw.

When horse is in a good consistent contact with the rider’s hands, the loose ring cheeks are steady and still, as the weight of the contact holds everything in place.

It is easier for the rider to give quickly & shift the mouthpiece if the horse is tending to lean or get a little rigid.

Excellent training bit Thanks for checking out another quality 'Bits, Stirrups and Spurs' product.

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