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NEW 'Copper Magic' - copper mouth double jointed full cheek snaffle bit

NEW 'Copper Magic' - copper mouth double jointed full cheek snaffle bit
NZ$ 106.90
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*NEW* 'Copper Magic' Horse Bit Range Full cheek snaffle bit.

Stainless Steel sides/cheeks, with double jointed (broken mouth), lozenge style link, all copper mouth piece.

Cheek length: 6" - Mouth thickness 18mm

Wonderful Bits that offer a higher degree of horse comfort and performance.

The natural warmth-conducting properties of copper allow this Bit to adapt and warm better than stainless steel, to comfortably meet the core temperature of your horse's mouth; you can even feel this difference in your hand if you compare copper and steel by touch.

A full copper mouthpiece warms evenly across the entire contact area.

Copper also being sweet to taste, encourages horses to salivate and become softer and more responsive in the mouth.

Double jointed bits conform around the tongue and place pressure more equally over the tongue, bars and lips, reducing 'nutcracker' action.

Many horses are more comfortable with this style of Bit.

Full Cheek aids in turning; the main purpose of this bit is to exert lateral (sideways) pressure on the horse’s mouth.

When one side of the Bit is pulled, as in turning, the opposite side also presses against a broad section of the lips and cheeks to assist the aid.

Along with helping with turning, the full cheek can sometimes help correct horses who tip their heads trying to evade direct rein pressure, and help prevent the Bit being pulled through the mouth of a horse that opens it's mouth while being ridden.

Great training Bit with extra steering.

Very popular among riders of young or green horses.