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*NEW* Unicorn Rainbow Bit: D-Ring Pony Snaffle, double jointed mouth piece

*NEW* Unicorn Rainbow Bit: D-Ring Pony Snaffle, double jointed mouth piece
NZ$ 94.90
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These awesome, and extremely popular Bits are BACK!

Stunning looking, rainbow colour Titanium coated D-ring cheek, pony snaffle Bit.

Double jointed (broken mouth) mouth piece with lozenge style link.

D-ring cheek Ring size: 50mm

These awesome change-colour rainbow Bits are HERE!

The Bit changes between pink-gold and blue-green hues as it moves and tilts in the light; no two are the same and they all look gorgeous.

Wow your friends and make your horse look amazing with your own stunning looking, rainbow colour, Titanium coated, double jointed, eggbutt snaffle Bit.

Quick overview:

Double jointed mouth piece Lozenge style link D ring cheeks Titanium coated stainless steel Excellent soft/kind Bit.

Titanium coated Bits are very long lasting (don't chip or wear off) and look incredible! Plus there are actual useful benefits which make this bit a great choice too.

Titanium acts in a similar way to copper in the horses mouth Sweet-tasting Warming Promotes salivation and softness

Encourages the horse to be "more accepting of the Bbit contact..." ...and "softer in the rider's hand" Plus the kind double jointed mouthpiece design makes for a comfortable fit for your horse's mouth, encouraging excellent results, while looking fabulous!

Double jointed (double broken mouth) will conform around the tongue and place pressure more equally over the tongue, bars and lips.

Any nutcracker effect is reduced & allows the rider independent control over the two sides of the mouth.

Many horses are more comfortable with Bits that conform around their mouth

Dee Ring snaffle is a compromise between an eggbutt and a full cheek snaffle.

It has vertical shanks that extend above and below the mouthpiece, and these are joined on the top and bottom by a D-shaped ring on swivel joints.

Excellent for use on a pony where more steering is required, and is less able to be pulled through the mouth.

Like the eggbutt, it helps prevent pinching at the corners of the mouth, though generally without as much bulk.

Excellent 'soft' (kind) bit.

The colour changes in the light, and may vary from the display image.

They all look pretty stunning though!