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Stainless Steel Full Cheek (Fulmer) Double Jointed Snaffle Bit

Stainless Steel Full Cheek (Fulmer) Double Jointed Snaffle Bit
NZ$ 83.90
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*Best Seller* Stainless steel full cheek (fulmer) bit, Broken mouth with elliptical, lozenge style link (not a flat link) Cheek length: 7" Mouth thickness: 18mm Mouth sizes available: >4 1/2" >5" >5 1/2" >5 3/4" >6" *to Pre-order: select the size required in drop-down menu and make purchase, we will update you with expected delivery time via email.

Pre-orders expected to be filled in 2-3 weeks.

>Full Cheek aids in turning; the main purpose of this bit is to exert lateral (sideways) pressure on the horse’s mouth.

When one side of the bit is pulled, as in turning, the opposite side also presses against a broad section of the lips and cheeks to assist the aid.

Along with helping with turning, the full cheek can sometimes help correct horses who tip their heads trying to evade direct rein pressure, and help prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth of a horse that opens it's mouth while being ridden.

>Double jointed mouthpiece (broken mouth) will conform around the tongue and place pressure more equally over the tongue, bars and lips.

Any nutcracker effect is reduced & allows the rider independent control over the two sides of the mouth.

Many horses are more comfortable with bits that conform around their mouth Excellent 'soft' (kind) mouthpiece, with extra steering.