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Stainless Steel Double-Jointed Uxeter Kimblewick Bit

Stainless Steel Double-Jointed Uxeter Kimblewick Bit
NZ$ 89.90
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Stainless steel Uxeter (slotted) Kimblewick Bit.

-aka Kimberwicke-

Double jointed mouth (broken mouth), with lozenge style link Slotted cheeks with hooks & curb chain.

Mouth thickness: 13mm Cheek length: 4" 

The slotted cheeks offer a selection of fixed rein locations, providing more leverage action and poll pressure, depending on where they are positioned, accommodating various degrees of strength as required.

Double jointed (broken mouth) will conform around the tongue and place pressure more equally over the tongue, bars and lips.

Any nutcracker effect is reduced & allows the rider independent control over the two sides of the mouth.

Many horses are more comfortable with Bits that conform around their mouth and won't throw the head up the same when you pull on the reins, as compared to the same style of Bit, but with a single joint mouthpiece.

Excellent 'soft' (kind) mouthpiece, yet with extra leverage and poll action.

Ideal for extra control while jumping or with a horse that can be strong in general.

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