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Stainless Steel Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle Bit

Stainless Steel Loose Ring Double Jointed Snaffle Bit
NZ$ 69.90
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Stainless Steel loose ring snaffle Bit.

Double jointed mouthpiece (broken mouth) with elliptical lozenge style link.

Ring size: 6 x 65mm.

Mouth thickness: 13mm 

Double jointed Bits conform around the tongue and place pressure more equally over the tongue, bars and lips, reducing 'nutcracker' action.

Many horses are more comfortable with this style of Bit.

Loose Ring: When horse is in a good consistent contact with the rider’s hands, the rings are steady and still, as the weight of the contact holds everything in place.

It is easier for the rider to give quickly & shift the mouthpiece if the horse is tending to lean or get a little rigid.

A versatile, easy to use Bit that many horses go well in across various disciplines, great for helping to encourage acceptance of the Bit.